With the economic recession that began in 2008 came an attitude in New Jersey and throughout the country that was very hostile towards executives in large companies and people working within the financial industry. They were seen as reckless gamblers or greedy thieves that blatantly stole money from ordinary, honest people. The prevailing mood was that these financiers should be prosecuted and punished.

It is dangerous to allow hysteria to take the reins away from common sense and rational judgment. When that occurs, the risk is that innocent people will be accused and harmed in the process.

This hostile view towards finance executives has led to the increase in accusations, charges and prosecutions for white-collar crimes. The seriousness with which the country looks at those accused of crimes like securities fraud and insider trading is demonstrated by the number of different government agencies and departments that are dedicated to this field.

A person who is accused of these types of white-collar crimes can be investigated and prosecuted by a number of agencies at the local, state and federal level.

Our firm is made up of experienced attorneys who have dealt with fraud cases before. We are aware of the many different levels of authority and various agencies that may claim jurisdiction in a fraud case.

Being charged with a crime and having to prepare a criminal defense is a frightening proposition, but it is only made that much scarier when having to face FBI agents, Secret Service or IRS employees who are investigating your business – or even personal -activities.

It is important to remember that you do not have to face these powerful government agencies alone. If you are facing charges of fraud or other types of corporate crime, please visit our website to learn more about how our firm can help you