There was a time not that long ago when computers and the Internet were seen as tools to assist businesses to operate in a faster, more efficient and organized manner. The Internet was seen as an aid to students researching a topic and to help ordinary people expand their knowledge.

Today the Internet is not only seen as a peripheral tool to help people but it has become a business itself. So many people can now enter into transactions and conduct business without any paper, and cross international borders without ever leaving their home because of the Internet. The former niche tool has become the lifeblood of many businesses

As with every young technology or industry, the law must adapt and learn as the technology advances and the industry grows. The Internet is no different and what many online users may believe is innocent conduct may in fact be a violation of a new law that was enacted to regulate and control Internet activity.

Many businesses, large, medium and small are vulnerable to charges of Internet crimes because their employees may be using company resources to upload illegal viruses, steal another person’s identity or engage in illegal computer hacking.

Internet crimes are particularly complex because they are often accompanied with other charges. It is these factors that a skilled criminal defense attorney will have to prepare for when defending against charges of Internet crimes.

The lawyers at the Law of Offices of Robert G. Stahl have experience in defending New Yorkers who have been charged with various Internet crimes, and are familiar with complexity of the law concerning these charges. If you or a loved one is facing a charge of an Internet crime, please contact our office to learn how we may be able to help.