At Stahl Gasiorowski Criminal Defense Lawyers, our attorneys represent clients at all stages of a federal criminal case. Whether you need a lawyer to negotiate a plea agreement or a zealous advocate at sentencing, our attorneys will give you the dedicated service and personal attention your case deserves.

We are prepared to help you at any stage of your case. Contact us online or call 908-301-9001 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

In cases where the evidence is overwhelming, you may feel a plea agreement is in your best interests. However, even a plea agreement requires the skill and knowledge of a dedicated criminal defense lawyer.

Our attorneys know how much work needs to be done to negotiate an appropriate plea. We always enter plea negotiations fully prepared to go to trial. We will know what charges apply in your case. We will work to minimize the effect of the various sentencing guidelines on your charges to reduce your penalties and your jail time.

Two people who have committed the same offense, with the same background, could end up with drastically different sentences. You could end up doing more time or facing stiffer penalties if the court is not presented with all of the possible mitigating factors.

With each criminal case that reaches the sentencing phase, our attorneys spend an enormous amount of time working on a persuasive and powerful sentencing memorandum. This memorandum details for the court all of the mitigating factors, including:

  • Good deeds
  • Lack of a prior criminal history
  • Community service or charitable acts
  • Age and background of the defendant

Attorney Robert G. Stahl is a former prosecutor and Assistant United States Attorney. He is also the recipient of two of the highest national awards given by the Department of Justice and the United States Attorney General.

Lawyer  Laura Gasiorowski has extensive experience representing clients in the sentencing phase in both state and federal court. For example, she was lead counsel in the sentencing phase of a state death penalty murder trial where the defendant was spared execution.

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Whether we represent you in plea agreements or in sentencing, our attorneys will work to reduce your penalties. Contact us online  to discuss your criminal charges.

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