Business fraud cases can involve multiple state and federal laws governing securities, business transactions, contracts and an almost endless list of other laws and regulations. Lawyers who provide criminal defense against charges of business fraud must have a full understanding of corporate practices, accounting principles and financial practices.

At the New Jersey and New York criminal defense law firm,Stahl Gasiorowski Criminal Defense Lawyers,  we focus our practice on federal crimes and on providing criminal defense in cases involving complex corporate and business law criminal charges.  Contact us online or call 908-301-9001 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

When your freedom and your reputation are on the line, you need experienced legal representation in your corner. At Stahl Gasiorowski Criminal Defense Lawyers,:

  • We have handled hundreds of business-related criminal cases.
  • Firm lawyer Robert Stahl is a former prosecutor and has successfully defended business executives and employees.

Often, civil suits over noncriminal disputes contain allegations of business fraud. In the course of civil proceedings, government authorities often become aware of alleged criminal conduct, transforming a civil case into a criminal matter. Our goal is to prevent civil suits from leading to criminal charges, and to minimize or eliminate the consequences of possible charges and conviction.

We have handled a wide range of business fraud cases, including:

  • Executives and board members charged with defrauding their employer
  • County, state and federal employees charged with defrauding the government of their honest services
  • Business-to-business cases of fraud, including disputes regarding contracts, goods supplied and money received and not received
  • Cases involving defense contractors, including businesses providing weapons and other supplies to Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Accounting fraud, bank fraud, forgery, money laundering, insider trading, embezzlement, securities fraud and other forms of White-Collar crime

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For questions regarding business fraud, contact Stahl Gasiorowski Criminal Defense Lawyers. Our offices are located in Westfield, New Jersey and Manhattan.  Contact us online or call us at 908-301-9001.

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