Why Stahl Gasiorowski Criminal Defense Lawyers

Whether it is at the initial stages of an investigation; or opposing a subpoena for testimony or records; or meetings with the government to convince them not to pursue criminal charges; or during plea negotiations; or pre-trial motions or at trial – there is no substitute for skill, experience, hard work and reputation. Our skills and reputation are brought to bear in every case. We are a team of experienced, successful trial attorneys. When we take on a new client, we work to uncover and exploit every weakness in the government’s case, every ground to attack and suppress evidence, and every possible defense. We take cases to trial to win. When a trial is not advisable or sought by the client, our skills and reputation benefit our clients when we advocate to have the charges declined, dismissed, reduced or settled in the most favorable plea.

We Focus on What Matters

We start each case with an analysis of the facts, the known evidence, how the case affects the client’s business and personal life, and the client’s goals. This analysis shapes and guides our strategy for every client. Some clients are risk averse and want the best possible result short of trial; others want to fight each step of the way. We provide the knowledge, skill, means and ability for the client to decide what course is best for them.

100% of Our Practice is Litigation

We exclusively defend clients in criminal and administrative proceedings. We focus on the areas of law we know best and have proven success in. Clients know that when they hire us to represent them, they are receiving advice and strategy from attorneys with over 60 years of experience in criminal law.

We Take on the Government

Our entire practice is devoted to protecting our clients’ rights when they are being pursued by federal and state law enforcement, regulatory agencies and professional licensing boards.

We Have an Outstanding Record of Success

Stahl Gasiorowski Criminal Defense Lawyers have an outstanding record of success defending clients against complex state and federal crimes, including: securities, healthcare, mortgage and business fraud, and charges of conspiracy, racketeering, embezzlement, money laundering, drug trafficking, and murder. We employ a team approach on each case. Our guiding principle being the pursuit of the best result for every client, every time.

As attorneys, we must always note that prior results are no guarantee of future performance and that each case is unique.

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