Internet Crimes and Cryptocurrency

  • Represented NJ Rutgers student charged in the District of New Jersey and the District of Alaska with a massive cyber attack identified as the Mirai botnet, which infected Internet connected devices, known as the internet of things (IoT) to attack major websites with a “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attacks, bringing the sites down. Infected devices included unsecured webcams, security cameras and wireless routers. The Mirai botnet was distributed online, and affected the French hosting provider OVH and Brian Krebs own security website that reports on such attacks. Mirai was later used to bring down Dyn, the domain name system used by Twitter, PayPal, Spotify, and Reddit. News coverage by Reuters, Fox 5 NY,, Law 360, ZDNet, Alaska KTUU Channel 2 News.
  • Represented social media influencer in SEC and U.S. Attorney’s Office investigation into fraudulent promotion of cryptocurrency.
  • Represented defendant in JFK Airport Taxi Line Hack Scam. Based on strong Sentencing Submission, the sentence ordered was almost 70% lower than the Guidelines called for in the plea agreement.


  • Represented Orthodox Rabbi from Israel in SDNY Indictment for Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping and Murder involving a plot to force a religious divorce known as a “get” from alleged victim.  Obtained a 3 year sentence for client who was facing 20 years to life under the Sentencing Guidelines for original charges.
  • Robert G. Stahl represented Dias Kadyrbayev, Exchange College Student from Kazakhstan charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice and obstruction in 2013 Boston Marathon Aftermath. Stahl argued Dias Kadyrbayev’s inexperience with English, and his youth in Kazakhstan, a former Soviet bloc country, where police can be brutal, contributed to statements the 19-year-old college student made to authorities without the benefit of counsel. Law 360 interview with Robert Stahl about witness language barriers.
  • Orthodox Rabbi convicted of conspiracy to kidnap, faced max life in prison gets 10 years after impassioned sentencing argument by Criminal Defense Attorney Robert G. Stahl; FBI sting involved alleged scheme to force Orthodox Jewish men to grant wives religious divorces
  • Represented lead defendant in “Animal Enterprise Protection Act” Case, charged with terrorism and Internet stalking, in post-trial and in appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit

Healthcare Fraud

  • Successfully represented several individuals and companies in the DNJ, MDFL and elsewhere in genetic cancer testing schemes (CGx and PGx tests) where labs, marketers and telemedicine doctors were charged with receiving illegal payments on a per test basis from reimbursements from Medicare/Medicaid.
  • Successfully negotiated a non-criminal disposition for pain management physician whose office was raided and all files seized by County Prosecutor’s Office and State Medical Board for over prescribing opioids.
  • Successfully represented multiple clients in the government’s crackdown on compounded medicines and compounding pharmacies charging the marketers or sales people with paying for referrals or kickbacks to entice patients to order compounded vitamins, scar creams, pain creams and antifungals.
  • Represented successful New Jersey dentist charged with Healthcare Fraud. Client wins a rare complete dismissal of all charges after Criminal Defense Attorney Robert G. Stahl launches aggressive defense including commissioning a complex independent investigation.
  • Represented New Jersey pharmacist who operates pharmacies in NJ and PA. The pharmacist, charged in connection with $13 Million Internet Drug Case received two years’ probation and asset forfeiture sentence.
  • Successfully negotiated corporate plea avoiding personal criminal charges for pharmacy owner facing massive federal fraud investigation.
  • Successfully avoided state criminal charges against two pharmacists and negotiated return of all seized bank accounts and funds.
  • Represented executive of national medical device manufacturer in federal investigation of fee for services and product development agreements with doctors that resulted in a corporate plea and civil settlement.
  • Represented several doctors in federal and state investigations for no show contracts with hospitals.
  • Represented several owners of medical centers and pain management centers that were charged with mail and wire fraud and money laundering.
  • Successfully litigated a $750,000 fraudulent billing case for therapist in Essex County and, after submitting a comprehensive sentencing memo and letters, Judge agreed that 3 years was sufficient, rather than the 5 – 10 year statutory sentencing range.

Mortgage Fraud

  • Successfully obtained downward variance for client in mortgage fraud case involving client’s own fraudulent submissions for himself and multiple family members, as well as altering and creating false documents for corrupt mortgage broker’s clients.
  • Successfully negotiated a plea for misrepresentation on HUD form avoiding multi-million dollar mortgage fraud charges and restitution
  • Represented mortgage brokers, bankers, appraisers, real estate brokers and tax preparers in numerous mortgage and bank fraud investigations involving hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.
  • Obtained no jail sentence of probation for defendant charged in massive mortgage fraud conspiracy after extensive plea negotiation, arguing successfully in sentencing hearings on loss, relevant conduct and special offense characteristics to reduce offense level.

Money Laundering and Structuring

  • Represented spiritual leader and Rabbi of the U.S. Syrian Jewish Community charged with Money Laundering in connection with the biggest corruption case in NJ history
  • Negotiated a no jail time plea for owner of waste disposal company that had structured more than $1 million over the course of two years.
  • Represented international business owner in two year investigation of money laundering and wire fraud that resulted in no prosecution.


  • Acquittal at federal trial for perjury in grand jury and trial involving client’s brother.

Securities Fraud

  • Represented attorney involved in Galleon Hedge Fund case in S.D.N.Y.; negotiated favorable criminal plea with U.S. Attorney’s Office and civil settlement with SEC, defending a practicing attorney at a New York City law firm charged with Securities Fraud in a Galleon Hedge Fund-related case.
  • Successfully argued against charging hedge fund manager in D.N.J. for massive drop in fund value of mortgage backed securities; negotiated favorable settlement with SEC.
  • Represented financial adviser in federal fraud scheme; negotiated plea to lesser charges and successfully argued for drastically reduced sentence.

University Hazing and Other Disciplinary Investigations

  • Represented a Senior at Princeton University in a wide-ranging fraternity hazing investigation where the University hired outside counsel to conduct more than 30 student interviews. We successfully convinced the County Prosecutor’s Office to decline criminal charges and aggressively defended our client throughout the disciplinary investigation, hearing and appeal.
  • Successfully represented a Junior at Princeton University in a fraternity hazing investigation where client was charged with failure to cooperate.
  • Successfully represented a Princeton University Junior charged with violation of University Policy on Honesty and Cooperation.
  • Successfully represented a Rutgers University student charged in a disciplinary action with selling her prescription drugs.
  • Represented a Stevens Institute of Technology student charged with a domestic violence incident. Obtained a full dismissal of both the criminal and University charges thereby allowing the student to continue his education on a F-1 student Visa.
  • Successfully represented student in SUNY investigation of an off-campus party with an alcohol related-death of another student and prevented criminal charges from being filed.
  • Represented NYU student who had falsified initial application for admission and was expelled after university discovered false statement. Successfully negotiated a one year suspension after submitting lengthy mitigation statement and supporting letters.
  • Successfully represented a university professor in an OEE investigation under its discrimination/sexual harassment policy.

Federal Seizures of Funds at Airports

  • Represented several foreign business owners whose cash was seized by DEA and ICE; litigated and/or negotiated return of more than $1 million of seized funds.


  • Represented client accused in a conspiracy to steal $100,000s of electronics in Union and Middlesex Counties and successfully negotiated non-custodial probation sentence; obtained dismissal of new charges in Middlesex County and successfully defended violation of probation on original charges.
  • Represented Former Elizabeth police officer who originally faced five years in prison and $15,000 in fines for theft in a no show job charge. He is sentenced to probation and $1,250 fine.
  • Represented a salesperson charged with theft and burglary for allegedly stealing customer lists from his former employer. The client was permitted to enter into the Pre-Trial Intervention program without an admission of guilt.

Criminal Tax Investigations

  • Defended Newark political consultant on federal tax evasion charge and client avoids jail.
  • Represented Russian-American businessman charged with failure to report foreign bank and financial accounts, “FBAR violation” in DNJ. After extensive presentation to U.S. Attorney’s Office all charges were dismissed.
  • Represented politically connected vendor in Essex County in a federal tax evasion case, successfully reduced the tax loss and exposure under the Sentencing Guidelines.
    Case listed among’s top court cases to watch in 2018
  • Represented owner of mortgage company in two year investigation and convinced DOJ Tax Division not to proceed with charges.
  • Represented accountant charged with preparing and filing hundreds of false returns and successfully avoided prison.
  • Represented numerous business owners in failure to file income and payroll taxes.

Drugs and Guns

  • Successfully argued for a variance in federal drug case in the District of New Jersey that kept the client from a custodial sentence. The judge adjourned sentencing for nearly a year to allow the client a chance to prove her rehabilitation.
  • West Virginia Physician Faced Federal Rx Pill Abuse Charge
  • Federal trial acquittal for felon in possession of a handgun who faced fifteen years in prison if convicted.
  • Federal drug distributor received four years rather than twelve in multi-state major drug conspiracy.
  • Drug possession charges against client dismissed after investigation revealed that search was prompted by previously undisclosed tip from confidential informant.
  • Defended numerous individuals on federal and state drug charges in New Jersey and New York.

Sex Crimes

  • Client, a female teacher at a school affiliated with a drug treatment facility, was charged with second-degree sexual assault for engaging in sexual relations with an 18-year-old patient at the facility and additionally charged with second-degree endangering the welfare of a minor for allowing a 17-year-old student to view pornography on her phone.  Each crime carried a mandatory State Prison sentence and Megan’s Law registration. Following a successful motion to dismiss the indictment attacking the legal basis for some of the charges, as well as the provision of an expert report providing mitigating evidence, the client was pleaded guilty to fourth-degree charges and was sentenced to probation, without Megan’s Law registration.
  • Client, a 17-year-old, was accused of inappropriately touching a child and sought for questioning. After an independent investigation revealed weaknesses in the case the matter was resolved without any charges being filed.

Domestic Violence

  • Client, a victim of domestic violence, was criminally charged with third-degree interference with custody based upon complaints filed by her abuser.  All charges were dismissed following a motion to the assignment judge.
  • Client, a victim of domestic violence, was charged with the indictable offense of cyber-harassment based upon complaints filed by her abuser.  All charges were dismissed.
  • Client was charged with third-degree assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly striking victim with a car during an argument. Case dismissed after we investigated the matter and provided exculpatory information to the prosecutor.
  • Client faced over 40 years in prison for first-degree domestic violence charges, including attempted murder. Through zealous negotiation with prosecutors, we were able to obtain a plea offer wherein the client pleaded guilty to a second-degree charge and received a  prison term in the second-degree range five to ten years.
  • Client was charged with third-degree aggravated assault for allegedly hitting victim with car. After an independent investigation proved that the victim fabricated the story, the charges were dismissed by the prosecutor.
  • Client was charged with violating a domestic violence restraining order for when he was found intoxicated and sleeping next door to the property that he was prohibited from entering. We successfully argued that restraining orders must be narrowly construed to provide sufficient notice to the defendant. Case dismissed.

Murder/Death Penalty

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