Internet crimes, rare just a few years ago, can now be committed on an interstate and international level from your home. Even innocent-seeming activities can bring severe penalties from multiple jurisdictions, including the federal government and multiple states.

At the New Jersey and New York criminal defense law firm,  Stahl Criminal Defense Lawyers, we focus our practice on providing aggressive criminal defense to clients facing complex criminal charges, including Internet charges. Our award-winning team of lawyers has represented dozens of small, medium and large-size businesses, including individuals and Fortune 100 firms.

If you have been charged with a computer or Internet-based crime, contact us online or call 908-301-9001 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

If you have been accused of an Internet crime, we can help. Our criminal defense attorneys have handled cases involving all types of Internet crimes, including:

  • Computer hacking
  • Charges relating to child pornography
  • Intentionally harming another’s computer through electronic viruses
  • Sale of illegal products through the Internet, including illegal drugs
  • Illegal Internet gambling
  • Internet identity theft
  • Theft of proprietary computer software and trade secrets
  • Fraudulent work-at-home schemes

Internet crimes can result in penalties ranging from listings on sex offender registries to time in prison for interstate mail fraud and wire fraud. Internet criminal charges are often leveled in conjunction with other charges, including securities fraud, as well as  business fraud and racketeering/RICO violations. An effective defense against Internet crime therefore requires a criminal defense attorney skilled and experienced in a broad range of criminal charges.

The Internet has grown rapidly and a new wave of computer-based crime has risen in its wake: hacking. Many people believe hacking is reserved for computer enthusiasts and those with technical expertise. However, hacking can be much simpler and more common than you may think. Computer hacking is the unauthorized or unlawful access of another person’s computer or network. Unauthorized access can be as simple as logging into an ex-lover’s e-mail account or breaking into a family member’s computer to spy on his or her computer use.

No matter what your level of computer expertise or experience, our criminal defense attorneys can defend you from computer hacking charges, including charges involving unauthorized access to:

  • E-mail accounts
  • Bank accounts
  • Computer networks or data
  • Online financial information

Viruses and malware are computer code, such as scripts or programs, which infect a computer or network. Viruses can be used for any number of tasks, such as stealing information, disabling a computer/network or corrupting data.

Often, people are not aware they have downloaded and used malicious code. Some viruses display no symptoms to the user and simply lurk in the background. Also, some people purchase programs to monitor an ex-lover’s computer or a child’s laptop. These programs, known as spyware, illegally log information such as passwords and private data. In addition to spyware, our attorneys can defend you from charges involving the use or distribution of all types of malicious code, including:

  • Viruses
  • Trojan horse
  • Worms
  • Adware
  • Scumware

We have handled numerous cases since 1997 and have more than 60 years of experience in criminal law. Our experience includes both criminal defense experience and prosecution experience that is invaluable in helping us fight your charges.

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