Our criminal defense lawyers represent individuals and corporations in criminal matters in local and state courts in New Jersey and New York City. In addition to federal courts in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, our firm represents defendants in federal courts throughout the United States.

At our New Jersey and New York criminal defense law firm, Stahl Criminal Defense Lawyers, we have defended hundreds of clients against a broad range of criminal charges. We also have extensive experience handling criminal litigation. Our team of attorneys includes two former prosecutors, an Assistant United States Attorney who was the recipient of two of the highest national awards given by the U.S. Department of Justice and the United States Attorney General, and a former senior assistant country prosecutor.

If you are facing criminal charges, it is critical to protect your rights with the help of a skilled legal defense team. The attorneys at Stahl Criminal Defense Lawyers are prepared to help. Contact us online or call 908-301-9001 or 212-755-3300 to schedule a no-cost appointment to discuss your case.

There Is No Criminal Defense Case Too Large For Us To Handle

We have handled cases involving the death penalty and international criminal law issues. Our defense attorneys have traveled to Russia, Singapore and the Middle East to represent clients. We have consulted on Fox News regarding high profile criminal cases and we were listed as New Jersey Super Lawyers every year since 2007.

Aggressive Defense Against a Wide Range of Criminal Charges

Examples of the types of criminal cases we handle include:

Experienced Representation From a Knowledgeable Legal Team

Our lawyers have a combined 60 years of defense and prosecutorial experience that they bring to every stage of the case, starting with the investigation and arrest. We know how the criminal justice system works from the inside. The founder of our firm, lawyer Robert G. Stahl, is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney for New Jersey. Attorney Laura K. Gasiorowski has focused her career on criminal law and appellate issues. Andrew C. Olesnycky is a former Assistant Prosecutor in Union County. We have won numerous awards, accolades by our clients and peers.

Stahl Criminal Defense Lawyers handle a wide variety of criminal matters, including grand jury investigations and investigations by state, federal, or local government agencies.

We Prepare Every Case As If It Is Going to Trial

We review and prepare each case as if it will go to trial. Our defense lawyers have the experience and ability to conduct thorough investigations to find evidence and witnesses to strengthen the defense case and discover weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. We have the experience to review and assess the evidence to help you make an informed decision on whether your case should go to trial, and to file the appropriate motions on your behalf.

We work to secure the most advantageous outcome for our clients, whether it is negotiating a pretrial resolution or taking the Government to trial. You can rely on our negotiation skills and knowledge of the criminal justice system to get an optimum result.

Whether your case is big or small, it is important to you, and, therefore, important to us. Even DWI and traffic cases can have serious consequences, not only because they can involve substantial fines, penalties, and jail time, but because they could potentially result in loss of driving privileges, thus affecting your ability to make a living.

Help at Every Stage of Your Case

We can help you with every aspect of your case, including:

Here are more details about some of our most common areas of practice in Criminal Law:


If you have been accused of, or are under investigation for, racketeering and violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, our lawyer team can help. As a prosecutor, Robert Stahl worked on numerous cases involving RICO violations. As a criminal defense firm, we have defended individuals and organizations accused of high-level and complex crimes, including racketeering.

The RICO Act Provides Prosecutors With a Powerful Tool

With the passage of the RICO Act, the federal government created for itself a powerful tool to be used against alleged criminals. Specifically, RICO provides:

  • The government with extended penalties for criminal acts performed by alleged criminal organizations
  • A civil cause of action for those allegedly injured by violations of the Act
  • The government with legal tools that make it easier to prosecute alleged organized crime figures

Prosecutors use rights granted by RICO to investigate a broad range of alleged criminal activities and organizations, including alleged drug organizations, organized burglary rings, car theft rings, and other organizations. Jail time and asset seizure and forfeiture commonly result.

Building a Strong Defense in Complex Cases

We focus our practice on handling complex cases that frequently involve multiple jurisdictions, multiple defendants, and voluminous documents dating back months and years. If you have been accused of a RICO violation, contact us now, before the investigation is complete. In some instances, we are able to convince the government that charges should not be brought.


The case against Martha Stewart clearly showcases the dangers of lying under oath and to government officials. Ms. Stewart told one seemingly small lie in regard to a stock transaction. The lie resulted in a five-month prison term and a five-month period in which she was required to wear an ankle bracelet and monitor.

The specific crime of perjury occurs when a lie is told under oath. An often equally serious offense is lying to government authorities, such as a federal agent during an interview.

Perjury and other charges involving misrepresentations can occur in the courtroom, in grand jury investigations, in a civil deposition, or in a broad range of circumstances in which individuals are questioned by government agents and law enforcement officials. Material misstatements and lies are frequently punishable and are not protected by Miranda rights unless the accused is detained or arrested. Even “bending” the truth or claiming false ignorance to federal agents on your doorstep at 6 a.m.—even if they question you without counsel or time to reflect—is a punishable offense.

A Law Firm With a Proven Record of Success

We have successfully represented individuals charged with perjury and related violations, including a federal case in which the brother of a police officer was charged with perjury after the officer was arrested by the FBI. We represented the officer’s brother at trial, where he was fully acquitted of perjury charges.

At the New Jersey and New York criminal defense law firm Stahl Criminal Defense Lawyers we do not let our clients lose property without a fight. If your property has been seized or is at risk of being seized, we can help.

We can work to protect your home, vacation homes, business assets, bank accounts, boats, planes, and all other property the government claims you purchased fraudulently or used during criminal activity.

Contact Our New York and New Jersey Criminal Law Attorneys

With so much at stake in a criminal or traffic matter, it is important for you now, and in the future, to get experienced legal representation. Our offices are located in Westfield, New Jersey and Manhattan. For a no-charge discussion of your case, Contact us online or call us at 908-301-9001or 212-755-3300.

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