Bootcamp Prepares Law Students in Essential Skills for Pre-Trial Motions

In January, Partner Laura K. Gasiorowski will return to Tulane Law School to participate in the Tulane Law School Intersession Criminal Pre-trial Litigation Bootcamp along with criminal defense practitioners and prosecutors from across the country. The Bootcamp is a week-long practical skills course in which 2L and 3L law students learn how to write and argue pre-trial motions. They learn essential skills such as interviewing a client, developing a theory of the case, and drafting a new motion each day. The week culminates in the students’ drafting of a suppression motion, which they then argue before real Judges. Ms. Gasiorowski has lectured at Intersession since its inception more than a decade ago. She wrote the materials and assembled the curriculum with Professor Herbert Larson. One of the first experiential learning programs at Tulane, the program has earned accolades for the Law School, and provided law students with practical skills experience that cannot be replicated in a classroom.