Internet Crimes

What exactly is “cyberstalking”?

Stalking behaviors by one person directed at another are nothing new. The motivation may be anger, unrequited romantic interest, jealousy or other reasons.  But actions such as following a person, attempting to interact with a person or communicating with others about that person in a harmful manner is frequently illegal.

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Most Common Federal Business Frauds

Federal Business FraudsViolations of any number of federal statutes have the potential to jeopardize a business and can, in many cases, result in individuals going to prison. In addition, restitution and forfeiture may be applicable. Below, we delve into some of the most commonly encountered federal business fraud statutes.

Seemingly innocent activities may be treated as Internet crimes

Internet crimes were relatively rare several years ago. However, now Internet crimes can be committed from the convenience of a person's home and can happen at the international or interstate levels. Even activities that seem innocent in New Jersey may bring serious penalties from various jurisdictions, including multiple states along with the federal government.

If you have been charged with an Internet crime, it is wise to seek legal advice whether you are an individual or a business. Our attorneys can represent not just individuals but also businesses of all sizes. These include from small shops to Fortune 100 companies.

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