Many federal, state, and municipal courts have limited the number and types of cases they will be handling in the near term. Some have adjourned jury trials for several weeks and in some cases even months to see what happens after a period of isolation. Courts have summarily waived Speedy Trial Act rights and ordered continuances for a period of time. State courts in particular are promoting the use of video and teleconferencing in lieu of appearing in court. Municipal courts have adjourned court appearances for motor vehicle summonses and code violations. Detention has been waived in certain cases depending on the type of crime, the age of the offender, and other relevant factors.

This is due to fears of spreading the virus to the jail population – causing a sudden boom in cases – and the risk that the greater the jail population, the greater the risk to inmates and staff.

Federal and state criminal investigations and arrests, however, are continuing. While some investigations may lie dormant for a period of time, U.S. Attorneys’ Offices around the country continue to investigate and prosecute cases, especially those with statute of limitations deadlines looming. State investigations and prosecutions continue as well.

Our attorneys and staff are actively and aggressively defending our existing clients’ cases. We are also available to meet with new clients. Being mindful of the importance of self-distancing, we at times work remotely but are available to meet new clients either in person or through video conferencing, and have the capability to offer initial consultations by phone. Challenging times demand innovation and accommodation to our clients’ needs. Stahl Criminal Defense is here for all of your criminal legal needs during this time.