The plethora of federal laws and regulations that apply to you is probably not something that you give much thought to on any given day. But perhaps you should, for you might not realize that you may be committing criminal violations practically all the time and not even be aware of it – until someone from the federal government agency accuses you of having committed a crime, at which point it is too late to avoid it.

In the eyes of the law, you can become a federal criminal suspect almost anywhere and at any time. When you are at home, at the office, hiking in the forest, driving your car, sitting at your computer, buying and selling goods, and more. Federal rules, regulations and laws and the agencies in charge of enforcing them can touch upon almost any aspect of your waking moments. The employees who work for these agencies know what to look for in your behaviors; do you?

And remember, just because you didn’t mean to commit a crime or didn’t know that you are committing one will not necessarily help you if you stand accused: you have likely heard it said that “Ignorance is no defense,” and in the context of criminal law unless there is a specific mens rea requirement for intent on your part that statement can be all too true.

At the Law Offices of Robert G Stahl, we understand that you cannot become an expert on all aspects of how federal law can touch upon your life and how you can run afoul of it without even knowing that you have done so. Even if you were to try, new laws, rules and regulations are being formulated practically every day. Keeping up with them all would amount to a full time (and unpaid) job for you, and you have more productive things to do. Fortunately, if you stand accused by the federal government of having committed a crime big or small in the states of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, we have the experience and ability to interpose ourselves between you and the government investigators and prosecutors.

Sometimes the things that your own government can accuse you of can appear to be ridiculous. But if you do find yourself in the crosshairs of the federal government taking your defense seriously is something that you should – and we do – take very seriously. To learn more about how we represent our clients accused of committing federal crimes, see our website. If you have questions or need assistance, contact us to arrange for an initial consultation with one of our criminal defense attorneys.