Robert Stahl was featured on Court TV on March 23, 2021 to weigh in on the Colts Neck, NJ, mansion murders of two adults and two children.

Paul Caneiro is accused of repeatedly shooting and killing his brother Keith, shooting and stabbing his wife Jennifer and stabbing their two children. Authorities believe after the murders, Paul Caneiro set his brother’s house on fire, and his own house on fire with his wife and daughter inside, as a cover-up. The brothers were partners in a technology and a pest control businesses in Asbury Park, NJ.
Public reports point to missing funds from the businesses. The defense has to present something to overcome powerful motivation evidence. The prosecution maintains the burden of proof throughout the trial, and must provide evidence that the jury finds beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense has to provide logical inferences from a reasonable Interpretation of the evidence, and present alternative theories. The defense is obligated to provide the most robust defense possible, and provide evidence to counteract the motivational evidence and the physical evidence.