Eastern District federal prosecutors are aggressively pursuing corruption on Long Island, as evidenced in the Manganos-Venditto political corruption trial. The trial is anticipated to last two months at the federal courthouse in Central Islip, New York. Among the 100 potential witnesses, the government’s lead witness is Harendra Singh.

In her coverage of the trial for Newsday, Emily Ngo reached out to Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Stahl for his perspective on the case.  In her March 13, 2018 coverage of the case, Ms. Ngo quotes Mr. Stahl:

“The defense is going to try to and everything they can in his past to paint him (lead witness Harendra Singh) as a despicable, lying individual not worthy of trust,” said Robert G. Stahl, a criminal defense lawyer with offices in Manhattan and Westfield, New Jersey.

The complete article can be viewed on the Newsday site, or downloaded as a pdf.

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