One of the earmarks of the steady expansion of government at the New Jersey state level and the federal level is that more and more laws and regulations make it easier to find yourself in violation of them. It is similar to walking through a minefield: the more mines that are laid in your path, the more likely it is that you will finally step on one of them.

But what can make matters worse in our legal minefield of state and federal criminal laws is that not only are there seemingly more mines being planted all the time, but the mines themselves are becoming bigger. What we are referring to is the trend toward increasing the jail or prison time, fines and other sanctions that you may face if you are convicted of crimes that are already serious in nature, such as white collar crimes.

The convergence of a steadily increasing body of criminal laws that you can find yourself in violation of, even inadvertently, coupled with the steadily increasing severity of the sanctions for such violations, means that if you find yourself accused of a serious offense such as fraud, or tax evasion, or embezzlement, you need legal representation that can keep up with the growing seriousness of the crimes that you can be charged with. You don’t go to a general practitioner when you are diagnosed with cancer; likewise, you should not trust your legal rights and even your freedom to a general practice attorney when agents and agencies of the New Jersey state government or the federal government set their sights on you.

At the Law Offices or Robert G. Stahl, our attorneys are highly experienced in defense against many kinds of serious, white collar crimes. We know that it is essential to get started on your legal defense as quickly, thoroughly and aggressively as possible to present the best case possible for our clients, whether in pretrial negotiations or in trial defense. If you find yourself under government scrutiny based on accusations of serious crimes, contact us as soon as possible. Time is not your ally when you are being targeted by the government.