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Tax fraud charges can be fought

Allegations of tax fraud are very serious and it can be difficult to develop a criminal defense. Ultimately, you may find yourself faced with a prison sentence or heavy fine, not to mention the damage to your professional career and reputation.

FBI and state investigations of tax fraud or involvement from the IRS could mean that you will have tax fraud charges or other felony charges filed against you for which you will need to attend a hearing or go to court. It is important to find an experienced lawyer or legal team to represent you.

The Law Offices of Robert G. Stahl can help you defend against money laundering charges, payroll and sales tax fraud, and charges of failure to report earnings and income. We have worked on numerous tax fraud cases in New Jersey to ensure that those facing tax fraud cases are given a fair opportunity to argue the allegations.

It is actually the government’s responsibility to prove that you are guilty. If there is not enough evidence to press charges, tax fraud cases may be dropped. We can help you develop a defense in the beginning stages so you have a better chance of preparing yourself against investigations into allegations of tax fraud.

You need a lawyer or legal team that is on your side and will work with you to fight tax fraud charges. Robert G. Stahl and his team offer useful advice, support and their experience to ensure that you are fairly represented if necessary in a hearing or court.

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