Your client comes to you and says that he “wants his day in court,” he wants to fight the charges all the way and that he will never plead.  You sit down and carefully review the facts of the case, the evidence known to date, the potential defenses, and eventually the potential penalties he faces.  You then discuss what it will cost to defend the case, the amount of time and money it will take to thoroughly review the discovery, conduct your own investigation, research the issues involved, draft the motions, argue the motions, trial preparation and trial.  The client sits there stunned.  Having never before had to pay for anything more than a simple will, real estate closing or speeding ticket, the idea that the aggressive, full on defense that he wants and needs will cost tens of thousands of dollars for a typical state case, and perhaps hundreds of thousands for a federal case, is sobering.

Unfortunately, this is the reality of modern criminal defense.  In serious cases – where the client is facing state or federal prison time, restitution, fines and penalties, and the loss of any professional license – the costs of an aggressive, effective defense are substantial.  Clients are faced with doing something that they never thought of before – going to friends and family for financial assistance to afford the best possible defense.  Add to that, the prospect of raising bail once the charges are brought, either posting cash or real property to secure their release.

Is it any wonder then that the current statistics show that approximately 97% of federal cases, and approximately 95% of state cases, plead? Between the financial costs of properly defending a case, and the harsh penalties that befall someone who loses at trial, the odds are that the typical criminal defense attorney spends substantially more time settling cases rather than trying them.

At Stahl Criminal Defense Lawyers, we are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights and liberties.  We have substantial trial experience in matters ranging from federal frauds, murder-for-hire, money laundering, drug trafficking, domestic violence and DWI.  When the evidence is over whelming, or the client does not want a trial, we use our deep knowledge of the law, the potential defenses, the weaknesses of the government’s case and our reputations built over decades of successful cases, to negotiate the best possible resolution for our clients. If the case does go to trial, we have the experience, ability and courtroom skills to aggressively defend our client before a jury.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients. We have open and honest discussions about their cases, defenses and the real costs associated with each step.

Stahl Criminal Defense Lawyers aggressively defend individuals charged with complex federal and state crimes. Founder Robert G. Stahl is recognized as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in the NY/NJ area for his skills, knowledge and success. To contact us to discuss your case, call 908.301.9001 for our NJ office and 212.755.3300 for our NYC office, or email us at