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Charged with a federal crime? Then you need an aggressive defense

If there is one thing that the federal government does well, it is making things big. And if you run afoul of a federal prosecution, you may discover the big resources that those prosecutors can line up against you along with the big consequences you may face if they are successful in their efforts to convict you.

The U.S. Department of Justice is a perfect example of how the federal government does things big. It has a massive budget, multiple agencies, thousands of agents and hundreds of prosecutors. Especially if you find yourself facing them alone, the intimidation effect can be formidable. They know this and count on it.

Even if you think you did nothing wrong, you still might find yourself running afoul of the federal government. Common situations that could put you in jeopardy include:

  • You thought that you were taking a creative tax deduction, but the IRS accuses you of tax fraud
  • You thought you are acting on a hot stock tip, but the FBI charges you with securities fraud and insider trading
  • You thought you had a minor accounting problem, but the FBI is accusing you of embezzlement, and the IRS is accusing you of tax evasion
  • You call it a mistake, but the prosecutor is calling it a white-collar crime punishable by a prison sentence measured in double digits and fines so huge that you could lose everything and still not pay them all.

When the federal government accuses you of a crime, there is no doubt that you need an attorney. But not just any attorney will do. Criminal defense attorneys who represent shoplifters, deadbeat parents, and traffic violators might be no match for the vast apparatus that the Justice Department can unleash against you.

If these lawyers aren’t already experienced in federal criminal defense, the consequences for you of being their “learning-experience” can be disastrous.

What distinguishes the New Jersey law offices of Robert G Stahl is precisely this level of extensive and relevant experience in dealing with the federal government. Our attorneys have combined decades of experience defending people like you against federal and state felony accusations from pretrial negotiation through litigation and appeals. They know their adversaries and are not intimidated by them. These distinctions can make all the difference in avoiding charges, mitigating them and defending against them.

Visit our website to learn more about the difference we can make for you, and how to set up an initial appointment.

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