The Covid-19 pandemic has motivated many changes in how government and healthcare providers deliver their services, from online classes for public schools, telemedicine, and even how NJ courts conduct matters – from routine administrative matters to more substantive proceedings. Many of us have adapted to new online processes and procedures to keep us safer during the lengthy pandemic scourge, and find in cases, online sessions can have advantages over gathering in person. Recently the NJ Supreme Court has sought feedback from lawyers on their preference for virtual court operations. The feedback the NJ Supreme Court received from attorneys, their clients, and court users found that they largely support conducting routine court operations online.

The Westfield Leader interviewed Robert G. Stahl, Esq. regarding the advantages of virtual proceedings for routine court proceedings for criminal defense cases. However, he recommends that substantive matters including pre-trial motions, hearings and trials continue to be conducted in person.

Download the full Westfield Leader article to read Robert Stahl’s views on when remote proceedings are appropriate, and when they are not.

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