Legal support often critical in cases of white collar crime

Employees have become considerably more apprehensive in recent years with the steady rise of convictions related to business theft and embezzlement. White collar crimes continue to be prosecuted across America, including New Jersey, where guilty offenders are receiving harsh punishments like jail time and heavy fines. An embezzlement defense is important to develop as soon as possible.

Utah Combating Affinity Fraud with White Crime Registry for Financial Crimes

In March of 2016, Utah became the first state in the country to introduce a White Collar Criminal Registry. While criminal registries are not new, for example sex offender registries have been around for over 20 years, this is the first time a state has established a public registry for white-collar offenders. This registry is now added to a growing list of registries that include arson, domestic violence, drug offenses and even an animal abuse registry in Tennessee.

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