Employees have become considerably more apprehensive in recent years with the steady rise of convictions related to business theft and embezzlement. White collar crimes continue to be prosecuted across America, including New Jersey, where guilty offenders are receiving harsh punishments like jail time and heavy fines. An embezzlement defense is important to develop as soon as possible.

The investigations in these cases are often handled on a state or federal level, where authorities are particularly hard on the accused. In fact, the government often assigns organizations like the FBI, IRS and Secret Service to handle these matters, and puts white collar crimes in a similar category to drug and violent offenders. Charges may range from business, health care and tax fraud, to money laundering, embezzlement, theft and falsifying documents.

If you have been accused of embezzlement or fraud, it is important to consult a skilled lawyer. Experienced legal professionals who deal in criminal defense can help you avoid incriminating yourself when accusations are made by your employer or, worse, from the authorities. You may be subpoenaed for business records, visited by an agent or receive an administrative summons.

The attorneys at our firm strive to ensure that individuals accused of white collar crimes – whether they are employees or executives – are not subjected to rights violations and avoid inappropriate charges or overly harsh penalties. We represent clients facing criminal charges or felony charges, such as being accused of embezzling employer funds and understand how serious these allegations – and the sentences that can be handed down – are for the people who are in this frightening situation.