Defending Federal Bribery and Extortion Charges

When facing the formidable gears of the federal justice system, individuals accused of bribery and extortion are immediately thrust into a complex legal arena where the stakes couldn't be higher. These white-collar crimes carry severe penalties, including hefty fines and significant prison time. In such high-stress, high-stakes situations, securing an experienced criminal defense attorney [...]

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Embezzlement, Fraud and Employee Theft

We frequently receive calls from employees or recently terminated employees that have been confronted with embezzlement or some type of theft or fraud from their employer, have already admitted to their misdeed, have wired a payment to the employer and are scheduled to send another payment on the day they contact defense counsel. The [...]

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Increased Federal Enforcement and Regulation of Crypto

Federal regulatory and law enforcement agencies have been redirecting and expanding their resources to investigate and combat frauds involving crypto and other digital platforms. The SEC recently requested $200M from Congress to hire additional 170 new employees, many to focus on crypto-related cases.  These new hires will include lawyers in the Division of Enforcement’s [...]

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Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Sentenced in Federal Court

News reports today indicate that Bravo celebrity Jen Shah was sentenced to 78 months for her role in a wire fraud that resulted in $5 million in losses. For people unfamiliar with the federal sentencing guidelines, the base offense level for a wire fraud is enhanced by a number of levels that corresponds to [...]

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What is the crime of embezzlement?

Sometimes people may complain that the legal profession uses too much “legalese” in describing things like crimes. Popular television shows and movies have helped to remove the mystery or confusion from some legal terms, but it can still be the case that the general public is not always able to discern the specific behavior or action that constitutes a crime even if they are casually aware of what it represents.

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Legal support often critical in cases of white collar crime

Employees have become considerably more apprehensive in recent years with the steady rise of convictions related to business theft and embezzlement. White collar crimes continue to be prosecuted across America, including New Jersey, where guilty offenders are receiving harsh punishments like jail time and heavy fines. An embezzlement defense is important to develop as soon as possible.

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