A Newark political consultant faced tax evasion charges with a potential five-year prison term and $250,000 fine sought Robert Stahl for her criminal defense. With Robert Stahl defending her, the sentence in federal court was limited to three years of probation, eight months of which will be spent in home confinement, after pleading guilty.

Citing her past work for the city of Newark, and noting her “dedication and devotion” to help support underprivileged women, Robert Stahl had asked the court for leniency.  Mr. Stahl described his client’s response to the authorities in the proceedings as honest and forthright, as well as having remorse and exhibiting a genuine acceptance of responsibility.

Mr. Stahl advocated for his client, describing her as “a woman of great promise and compassion.” He argued that incarceration would make it more difficult for her to repay her IRS debt, and fines. He described how his client overcame her very humble background to become an entrepreneur and community organizer.

In fact, Mr. Stahl noted the respect his client earned for her work from community leaders, including the former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey who currently serves as executive director of Jersey City’s Employment and Training Program (JCETP), an organization that provides re-entry coaching for newly liberated prisoners.

Defense attorney Robert Stahl explained how the case’s publicity took a toll on his client, who is seeking full-time employment to enable her to make restitution.

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